Char Bliss Premium Biochar Soil Amendment

A one pound bag of premium quality biochar.
A bag of 1 quart premium quality biochar. Across the top are three images: a closeup of loose biochar to show texture, a bag of biochar in a garden, and a hand holding a loose pile of biochar.
An infographic with four steps on how to use biochar next to a one quart bag.
A woman holding out cupped hands full of loose biochar. Over the image is text of a few benefits of using biochar.
An eight quart bag of premium quality biochar. There is a loose pile of biochar to show texture.
A black bag of premium quality biochar.

Char Bliss Premium Biochar Soil Amendment

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Plantonix Char Bliss Premium Quality Biochar is a carbon-rich soil amendment produced from organic materials through a process called pyrolysis. This high-quality biochar is designed to improve soil structure, enhance nutrient retention, and promote beneficial microbial activity.

Ideal for gardens, lawns, and agricultural use, Char Bliss helps reduce soil compaction, increase water retention, and create a thriving environment for beneficial soil organisms.

By incorporating biochar into your soil management practices, you support sustainable agriculture and gardening, promoting long-term soil fertility.


  • Enhances soil structure and porosity: Improves the physical condition of the soil, making it easier for roots to penetrate.

  • Increases water retention capacity: Helps the soil hold more water, reducing the need for frequent watering and enhancing drought tolerance.

  • Improves nutrient retention and availability: Prevents nutrients from leaching away, ensuring they remain accessible to plants for a longer period.

  • Supports beneficial microbial activity: Promotes a thriving microbial environment, which is essential for nutrient cycling and soil fertility.

  • Reduces soil compaction: Loosens compacted soil, allowing for better air exchange.

Application Instructions:

  • For Gardens: Apply 1-2 cups per square foot and mix thoroughly into the top 6 inches of soil.

  • For Potted Plants: Mix 5-10% biochar by volume into potting soil.

  • For Lawns: Apply 10-20 lbs per 1,000 square feet and water thoroughly.

  • For Agricultural Use: Apply 5-10 tons per acre and incorporate into the soil.


100% Biochar derived from recycled wood & tree trimmings

Storage Instructions:

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

This product is intended for use as a soil amendment.

Char Bliss

Premium bio char

An 8qt back of Plantonix biochar. The label is tan on top, black on bottom, and features a silhouette of a tree. In front of the bag is a small pile of biochar to show texture. There are bamboo leaves visible behind the bag.
Plantonix Char Bliss biochar is 100% pure, increases water retention, improves cation exchange capacity, and helps with fertilizer utilization.Plantonix Char Bliss biochar is 100% pure, increases water retention, improves cation exchange capacity, and helps with fertilizer utilization.

Char Bliss Benefits

Cation exchange capacity

Increases CEC - the ability to hold onto and transfer nutrient cations.

Helps depleted soils

The application of biochar can increase soil fertility, and aid in nutrient preservation.

Decreases amount of watering

Improved ability to uptake and hold water from the soil.

Hand holding Plantonix Char Bliss premium biochar

What makes Plantonix Biochar better

More than 75% of the 2016 feedstock suppliers operated in compliance with Sustainable Forestry Initiative standards, and more than 75% of feedstock traveled less than 100 miles to the facility.

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