Coco Bliss Bundles - Fill Your Raised Garden Beds With Coco Coir

Two blocks of 10lb Plantonix coco coir.
An infographic explaining a few benefits of using coco coir next to a half hydrated brick of coir. Across the top are three images: two bricks of coir in a garden bed, a loose pile of coir being held in gloved hands, and a package of Coco Bliss sitting on a garden table.
An infographic with four steps explaining how to use coco coir. There is a dry brick of coir and a close-up of loose, hydrated coco.
Gloved hands are working in a garden bed of coco coir. There are two dry bricks of coco in the garden. Across the image are benefits of using coco coir.
Two cupped hands are holding loose coco coir. The hands are wearing tan gardening gloves. Underneath the hands are rows of potted plants.
Example of a coco coir block in front of a person&
Six ten pound blocks of premium coconut coir pith.
Eight ten pound blocks of premium coconut coir pith.

Coco Bliss Bundles - Fill Your Raised Garden Beds With Coco Coir

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Enhance your gardening experience with Plantonix Coco Bliss. Derived from the husks of sustainably sourced coconuts, our premium coco coir is the perfect addition to your garden, hydroponic system, or container plants. 

This versatile soil amendment is renowned for its superior water retention, excellent aeration, and efficient drainage properties. Ideal for various gardening applications, coco coir creates an environment that prevents soil compaction and provides consistent moisture. 

Whether used alone or mixed with other growing media, Plantonix Coco Bliss coco coir helps create a thriving, sustainable garden.


  • High Water Retention: Keeps your plants hydrated for longer periods, reducing the frequency of watering.

  • Excellent Aeration: Provides ample oxygen.

  • Superior Drainage: Prevents water logging.

  • Eco-Friendly: Made from renewable coconut husks, making it an environmentally sustainable choice for your garden or growing needs.

  • Neutral pH: Ideal for a wide range of plants, from vegetables and herbs to flowers and ornamental plants.

  • High Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC): Coco coir has a high CEC, allowing it to retain and release essential nutrients to plants effectively.

  • Nutrient Availability: The high CEC of coco coir helps in maintaining a consistent supply of nutrients, reducing the need for frequent fertilization.

  • Improved Soil Structure: By enhancing nutrient retention, coco coir contributes to better soil structure.

  • Reusable: Can be used multiple times with proper care and cleaning.

Application Instructions:

  • For Gardens: Mix 1 part coconut coir with 2 parts soil or compost to improve soil texture and moisture retention.

  • For Potted Plants: Use coconut coir as a soil amendment by mixing 20-30% coir with potting soil.

  • For Seed Starting: Fill seed trays with moistened coconut coir and plant seeds according to the seed packet instructions.

  • For Hydroponics: Rinse and soak coconut coir thoroughly before use to remove any excess salts, then use as a growing medium in hydroponic systems.


100% Natural Coconut Coir

Storage Instructions:

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

This product is intended for use as a soil amendment and growing medium.

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