Organic Fertilizers

    Here at Plantonix, we have an excellent selection of organic fertilizers for sale. We believe that behind every healthy prosperous plant is the science of fertilizing organically. Plants have nutritional requirements just like humans to grow, develop and complete their life cycle.

    The supply of nutrients should be balanced, ensuring not to over or under-fertilize. Nutrients are classified according to their importance to plants and are categorized by primary, secondary, and micronutrients. Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, form the structural matter in plants and are freely available from air and water.

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    A one pound bag of premium quality biochar.
    Char Bliss Premium Biochar Soil Amendment
    from $9.99
    A one pound bag of premium kelp meal.
    Kelp Bliss Pure Norwegian Kelp Soil Amendment & Fertilizer
    from $12.99
    Sold Out
    A sixteen fluid ounce bottle of Myco Bliss premium mycorrhizal inoculant.
    Liquid Myco Bliss Premium Mycorrhizal Fungi Inoculant
    from $29.99
    A two-hundred gram bag of premium mycorrhizal inoculant in powder form.
    Myco Bliss Premium Mycorrhizal Soil Inoculant
    from $17.99
    A one pound bag of premium neem seed meal.
    Neem Bliss Meal - Neem Seed Meal/ Cake Fertilizer - Slow Release Nitrogen Source
    from $12.99
    A one quart bag of premium earthworm casting.
    Worm Bliss Premium Organic Earthworm Castings
    from $12.99
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