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Organic Coco Coir Pith

An eco-friendly alternative to peat moss that has a neutral pH, low EC levels, and a high cation exchange capacity.
Very Low EC Levels

We source our coconuts very far from the ocean and rinse the coco coir several times to ensure very low salt levels.


Higher (CEC) levels reflects the amount of negatively-charged sites available in the soil to “exchange” or absorb plant nutrients.


Coco coir is easier to hydrate and lasts longer in soil than peat moss, all the while not destroying natural peat bogs.

Why use this hairy dirt anyway?


Coco Coir in one minute

From our customers


It is a big brick that makes a lot of coco coir. I place the entire brick in a 25-gal plastic bin and it fills it up. I use it for my home-made seed starter mix. I have bought this several times, it is my go to brand - recommend it!

Shania Breitenberg

I absolutely love this coco and so do my plants! Seems to be an extremely high quality and I haven't had any issues with my plants since using it! I actually need to buy more ASAP

Barney Goldner

Great for Indoor PlantsI use this to make my own potting soil. I don't usually use more than one brick at a time so it is easy to store until I need to make more. Great value for the amount you get.

Will Koepp

Coco coir is a great potting media

Hands holding coco coir over a bucket.

The Source Matters

With coco coir the source is one of the most important parts of the process. We source our coconuts far from the ocean and rinse several times to attain very low Sodium, which helps to achieve low EC (Electrical Conductivity) levels.

Gloved hands are working in a garden bed of coco coir. There are two dry bricks of coco in the garden. Across the image are benefits of using coco coir.

Coco Bliss is all natural and organic, washed multiple times with fresh water, has low EC levels and a neutral pH, and is aged for six months to achieve superior consistency.

Buffering may be required if using Coco Bliss as a soilless medium. It may seem like an unnecessary extra step but it allows you to have complete control of the nutrients that your plants need.

The recipe may vary a bit due to Coco Bliss being an organic, natural product; the recipe will be about the same. Simply put the brick in a container, and pour the appropriate amount of water in slowly (warm water helps, never use boiling water).

After some time, break up the brick a bit to expose the inner layers. Add more water if needed and break up the rest.

Coco Bliss is OMRI listed for Organic growing. It's also a 100% natural replacement for peat moss, & rockwool.

Once expanded it re-wets easily and holds onto water to reduce your watering needs. It can also be reused for a few seasons until it needs to be replaced.

You can add more to an old batch to bring new life into the soil.

A woman is transplanting a starter plant started in a coco peat pellet into her patio garden on her apartment balcony in the springtime into a planter.

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