Neem Bliss Oil: How, When, and Why?


Gardening and farming can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor, but keeping your plants healthy can throw a wrench in your plans! You may have heard of neem oil being an effective foliar spray, but do you know all the ways you could use neem bliss oil to protect and strengthen your plants?

Plantonix Neem Bliss Oil - What is it and What are its Benefits?

Plantonix Neem Bliss Oil is derived from the kernels of the Indian neem tree, rather than the kernels and fruit like a lot of other neem oil products on the market.

The kernels are not steam distilled to extract the the oil either, this will reduce the amount of active Azadirachtin. We only use a mechanical cold-pressing method which retains all off the beneficial fatty acids that help contribute to the health of your plants.

This makes it an ideal product for all-natural skin-care and organic farmers.

Plantonix Neem Bliss Neem Seeds

How to Use Neem Bliss Oil - Different Methods, Modes, and Tools

Organic Neem Bliss Oil is one of the best ways to take control of your garden plants. Made up of azadirachtin and a host of other beneficial fatty acids, this oil has proven time and again to be an effective natural option for optimal plant health.

We recommend using Neem Oil as a spray, and Neem Meal in your soil mix – whatever method works best for you! Not only that, but neem bliss oil is gentle enough to use around beneficial insects like bees and butterflies while still maintaining enough potency to ward off unwanted intruders.

Plantonix Neem Bliss Premium cold pressed neem oil in a spray bottle

If you're looking for an easy and organic solution for controlling the health of your garden plants on your property, neem bliss oil should definitely be your first choice.

When to Use Neem Bliss Oil - Best Times of the Day & Year

If you're looking for an effective way to keep your garden healthy, Neem Bliss Oil is an outstanding choice. The best time to apply is at dusk or dawn to avoid burning your plants, and you can use it year-round as a preventative measure to safeguard your plants.

A little bit of Neem Bliss Oil goes a long way and the results will speak for themselves - keeping your garden thriving and looking beautiful!

Why You Should Try Neem Bliss Oil - Natural Solution to Skin Care Problems

Neem Bliss Oil is also an organic and healthy solution to your skincare problems! This oil is cold pressed from the finest quality neem seeds to retain all of its nutrients.

Women applying Plantonix Neem Bliss on her skin through a dropper.

Neem bliss oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which are beneficial for keeping your skin hydrated and preventing wrinkles.

Final Thoughts & Tips on Using Neem Bliss Oil

When it comes to using Neem Bliss Oil, the key is to keep it cold-pressed and organic. Healthy plants, trees, and shrubs are essential for any garden or outdoor area, and if you want to keep your environment looking its best, this organic oil is a great option.

Because of its natural ingredients, Neem Bliss Oil is essential for keeping your plants healthy and happy without damaging the environment. Just follow the instructions found on the product label and you will be sure to get maximum use out of this beneficial oil.

With some patience and regular use, you can create a beautiful outdoor space that will be cherished in years to come!

Introducing Neem Bliss into your garden and life is an excellent way to naturally tackle common skin and plant care problems. From using Neem Oil's for plants to applying it directly on the skin for minor infections or common inflammations, this natural resource should be used by everyone.

Do you have a Neem Bliss success story? Let us know! Happy gardening!


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    It will be very helpful to put some formulas here to make some solutions to put in a spray bottle. I bought a bottle of neem oil but I have to go to another sites to find a recipe to make a solution to spray on my plants.

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